New Project: Black and White Fine Art Architecture Photography Guide Book

Short and simple: I just decide that I’m gonna write a guidebook on how to create black and white fine art architecture photography.

If you when through my front page, you can see some of the photos that I took and turn into black and white fine art.

Do you know that every one of those photos were created using the same method? But where to look for? It’s difficult to find any such tutorial if you search google. There are some on YouTube though, but just a really short and the basic. Can it help? Sure. But that it, “a help”.

I did write such a post-processing tutorial. But in this book that I’ll write, will be far more thorough than that.

So in this book project, I’m gonna write about what is black and white fine art architecture photography, the preparation, how to take, and create photos like this:


Or this,


Or this,


Or this,


and even this,

Not sure when the book will be finished. Probably in the first quarter of next year or around next midyear, or longer. I don’t know. Well, I’ll do my best.

Everything is based little on a limited resource on the Internet and mostly come from my experience of trial and error.

So stay tune…

5 thoughts on “New Project: Black and White Fine Art Architecture Photography Guide Book

  1. You have come up with a challenging project. All you B&W pictures are exquisite and require a high degree of photography skill. Good luck with your endeavor. I’m sure it will be a success. Loved your work.

    1. It’s true. It’s not easy. Unlike what I always do, all I need to do is to make a great result. For this project, I also have to make a great progress that everyone can understand.
      It’s not easy, but I know I can.
      Thank you for your supports πŸ™‚

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