Not Sure about Your Cheap Camera?

Not Sure about Your Cheap Camera?

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There is always the time, especially new photographers, feel not sure if they can and take good photographs. I always said that to be motivated you should look for inspiration from others’ creations. But it’s not always motivating, but sometimes it can also backfire. Probably you gonna think that they can create that because they have an expansive camera or equipment and I only have a cheap camera. In the end, you start feeling not sure about your cheap camera and didn’t want to do it.

Take me for example. For years I have been using Sony Alpha 58, an entry-level camera. Not really the best camera, but it does the job. In time I began to acquire a new and better camera, like the Sony a6000 and Sony a7RII. But for some reason, I keep using this cheap entry-level camera. For the simple reason. I’m already used to it. Most of the picture on this website and my Instagram was taken with that camera.

If you feel like that, check out this series of Youtube videos that I found. For me, this is really inspirational and really motivated and I’m sure you can feel the same way too.

All of this was created by digitalrev. Invited famous professional photographers from around the world and challenge them to use a cheap camera. Not just cheap, but almost a “toy” (some of them actually toys). And in the end, they can create amazing photography.

All of that simply because they can and they are willing to do. And I’m sure you can do that too.

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