My Photography: Malioboro Street

My Photography: Malioboro Street

Another day, another shot. For this one we gonna take a deep look of one of my latest picture of Malioboro Street, one of most famous destination in Yogyakarta. This is My Photography: Malioboro Street.

My Photography: Malioboro Street

If you come to the City of Yogyakarta one of the place you must go to is Malioboro Street, one street line of Market but a lot to see.

When you begin to enter Malioboro Street, there will be a street sign that said “Jl Malioboro.” This sign is really famous because a lot of take a selfies there, hundreds a day I think (no idea why). So as a cityscape photographer this is one of the place that I really want to photograph. But like I said there’s a lot of people there. So how to handle that? Here what I did.


If you ever saw my previous post, you probably know this. I just bring my usual gear. Sony a58 with Tamron DC 18-200 f/3.5-6.3 Macro, Sirui T-2204X tripod, and NiSi Nano IR ND32000 Filter.

So in order to solve the problem of people taking selfies there is to come at the right time, which is morning, at 5.30 AM to be precise.


Now taking the photograph, portrait and right in front of the sign. Another way to solve the people problem is to do long exposure photography, that’s where the ND filter come in. From 1/80 sec to 11 minute shutter speed. So here what I got:

My Photography: Malioboro Street
Raw shot. 704 sec at f/11 ISO100

As you can see there still some motion blur of people and car. So we gonna solve it in post-processing.


Unlike my previous post, I usually just showed the edited shot right away.  Now I’m gonna show you more detail of my post-processing workflow on how I exactly do it.

First I import my raw shot to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC to do some basic adjustment. First go right away to Lens Correction to Enable Profile Correction and Remove Chromatic Aberration and make the picture straight. Then I did my basic adjustment convert to Black & White, Highlight at the lowest, Shadow at the highest, increase the White and decrease the Black. So here what happen when it done:

Lightroom Basic Adjustment

Not yet, I continue my editing in Adobe Photoshop CC. First thing that I do is create a selection of my main subject, the sign and the lamp, using pen tool. Take some time and its over. I did that so I can separated my foreground (lamp and sign) and background (all others) editing more easily.

Then I start my background editing. To do that, I start by creating Luminosity Mask. Not really that easy to make, but there’s easy way to make it using action panel by Jimmy McIntyre (its free). Then I create deep dark mood using Google Nix Silver Efex Pro 2 to create close to black contrast background. For the sky I did the same thing. But more darker and some selection adjustment. Thanks to luminosity mask I created, I did the sky adjustment more easy. So here the result:

Not yet. Maybe I did the overall editing well. The problem now is the main subject, the sign and the lamp are way to dark. But thanks to my previous selection I did using the pen tool, I can create separate adjustment. So for this one I’m using Silver Efex Pro 2 again, specifically to the lamp and the sign, contrast but not really that dark. Here the editing result:

Now for the finishing, I want to do dodge & burn on some of the part of the picture. In my experience, it’s more easily to be done in Lightroom. And so that’s what I exactly did, I bring it back to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. to do my final adjustment a little dodge & burn using adjustment brush and radial filter. And add some vignetting. And here the final result:

Finish Photo

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