Sharpening Images with High Pass on Adobe Photoshop

Sharpening Images with High Pass on Adobe Photoshop

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Another photography quick tip. Now for post-processing. Everyone loves a sharp image. A very crisp and clear image is what many photographers want. And post-processing is the place to do such a thing. Now, these are the quick tips on sharpening images with High Pass on adobe photoshop.

If you already use photoshop then you probably know that there are a lot of ways to do the same thing. It’s the same as sharpening. In my experience using photoshop, I found that sharpening with High Pass work the best. And it’s easy to do.

1. Open your photo in Photoshop

Of course, you have to open your photo in Adobe Photoshop. You can do that by clicking the menu File → Open and choosing your photo. Or simply drag the photo to Photoshop. Now your image is shown in your layer tab (on the right side).


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2. Copy Layer

Copy layer by clicking Layer Duplicate Layer or drag your image layer to the New Layer icon (on the bottom right, next to the trash icon). Or just click ctrl+j (windows) cmd+j (mac).



3. Add High Pass

Click Filter Other High Pass. In the High Pass box, choose the radius. I usually choose between 1 to 3 (Just make sure you can see the image outline) and click OK.



4. Add Blending Mode

Now your image is all grey. No worries. Look at your Layers tab on the right side. On the left side of the word “Opacity,” there are many options of blending mode.

For the purpose of sharpening, you can choose between the lighter sharpening, Soft Light, to more sharpening, Overlay, to the hardest, Hard Light. (I usually stick to overlay).


5. Done

Now it’s finished and your image has been sharpening. Check closer to see the difference and you can see how different the skin texture is between before and after.





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