Defining Urban Photography

Defining Urban Photography

I think everyone who read the title already what it mean. But do you? Now for another photography explanation about photography that everyone already knows and easily misunderstood. So let’s defining urban photography. Defining Urban Photography Urban refers to a city or town. So urban photography is a photography that […]


How Street Photography Build Character

I can say for certain that street photography is the most easiest photography to be done. Everyone can do it. You just only need a camera and no actual experience to do it. But that doesn’t mean it all sugar and rainbow. Most problem from street photography doesn’t come from […]

Be the Best in Work, But don’t be an A**hole

You know your stuff, you understand it, you have mastered it, and everyone love it. I think that’s what happen when you turn into a professional. But is it always a good thing? Sometime what happen is you become so arrogant, that you think you can do anything and others […]