The Freedom of Photography

Have you ever wonder what freedom is. The right to choose whatever and whenever you want, to do and not do, the choice to love, including hobby. This time I want to talk about something I have think about and how amazing it is feel for me. The freedom of photography is the thing I really see when I hold my camera and I want to share that to you.

I consider myself as a liberal type of person. Since I was 6, I have been looking for a actually activity where I can choose what to do. So I did a lot of sport, like basketball, baseball, football, a lot ball, cycling, gaming, a lot of thing.

I experience myself to a lot of those hobby and found them all to boring. I’m easily bored, that’s why none of them lasted more than 6 month. Another reason where all those rule that absolute and doesn’t allow you to break!! If you break it, you get a penalty. I can’t do that.

So there then I found photography as another hobby. That’s when a felt the different than all I ever did. I felt the freedom of photography gave for me. Unlike the others.

Let see…

You can do everything you like

In photography you can do everything you want to do. You can choose the thing and want to do. And no one can say no or wrong to you.

Rule…Break It

Its true there is rule in photography, like composition and camera setting. But they are created so you can take a better picture. But no one say you can’t break it. In fact, if you can, break it if you feel like to. That is how free photography is.

There’s a Thousand Way to Create the Same Result

Let’s put this to example, you want to take a wide shot of landscape. But the only lens I have is a 50mm prime lens. And how? Some people gonna say that you have to buy a wide angle lens. Another gonna say you can take multiple photo and just stitch it in photo editing software. Another gonna say just use a wide converter. Another say just take picture more farther. And so on.

See…in the end you can create wide angle landscape photo.

Cheap or expansive…You Still Create the Same Result

It’s true there are the different in quality of photos when it come to cheap and expansive camera and equipment. But it doesn’t mean you’ll create a great photo with the expansive one. Its always the best to improve your skill, rather than your camera.

Just like Chase Jarvis said, the best camera is the that’s with you.

Well there’s a lot more. But I can’t think of it right now. Bottom line is there always a way and you are free to chose which one you like. That is the freedom of photography.

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