Unproductive Photography and What to do With It

Unproductive Photography and What to do With It

Hey…to think there will come the time that I have nothing to show. I sure have, and I’m sure you have it to.

What I mean is when you walk around, taking photo, and then go home to see what kind of wonderful photo that you have took, and then you realize that everything…just suck. Nothing good came out from your memory card. You check again and again, and no matter what, you can’t found that photo you can consider good. You gonna think that you just waste a hours of your life and just had an unproductive life.

Ever though of that??

I sure have, a lot actually. So what to do….? Let see…

First of all, what I’m gonna do is just leave it. Easy right? Just take a rest, don’t think about it for a moment and do something else, like watch a movie or else. And then check out your photograph again later.  Sometime it will change your way of though. Like when before you saw one picture you though is bad, later you think it wasn’t bad at all and you can exploit in the best way you can think of.

Another think I do is just do post-processing. When you have photo that you considered “bad,” it always an easy way to fix it in post-processing. being honest, I have a lot of my bad picture that I fix it with photoshop.

Last think that I do just delete it and do it again. I have a lot of photography that I and many of them I did in the same time. Sometime I can come the same place more than 10 time. And the reason is to recreate the same photo that I think was bad. (Just to be clear, I didn’t did that because I always take bad photo).

Well…that’s it. From all of it, what I do the most is redo everything. When it come to my photography, especially to landscape, I just don’t like it when my photo look wrong and just feel wrong to just fix it in post-processing.

But it always up to you guys to figure out what to do. Learn from your experience. Isn’t that the essence of failure.

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