When My Photos Are Hanging on a Wall

When My Photos Are Hanging on a Wall

I’ve been thinking for a while now about my photography. What if instead of just uploading my photos to the internet, I also printed it. Not just print on a photo paper, but a canvas print. And then imagine it when my photos are hanging on a wall.

When My Photos Are Hanging on a Wall

Do you know that post-processing step not only about editing photo but also print it? But in this days, it is hard to find any reason to print a photo. And even though many professional photographers suggested it, Instead we just upload it social media. Including me.

But I’m curious about printing photo in canvas and see it hanging on someone wall. I also check some photographer who is in business selling their photos on canvas. And then I thought, “I want to do it.” I want to see my own photo on a wall. Just an idea. Haven’t realized it yet.

So, for now, I’m just gonna imagine my photo on canvas only through the power of Photoshop.

All of the background images are taken from pexels

Look at that, my photo is on canvas. Even though it just a Photoshop.

I still wondering if my photos are hanging on a wall.

Much better. More…

Wow, this is much better, if I can say so myself. Imagine your photo printed in a huge size and hang on the wall of your living room.

Let’s look more of it.

Whose office is that? Probably yours…

See more.

Fine collage. A form of photography series, it gonna look great if seen as a collection.



This last doesn’t look fit for me. Maybe we should change room.

There you have it. Now I have imagine some of my photos on a wall. And you have too, visually.

I of course, have interest in doing so. But after some research, I found out it’s not that cheap for me. So unless I planning to sell it, I don’t have any reason to spend my money to print my photo on a huge ass canvas.

I’m still in dillemma….

10 thoughts on “When My Photos Are Hanging on a Wall

  1. Well, why not give a framed picture or canvas(or picture printed on all dibond etc) as a present to relatives? As I do… Make profit of our photography is utopia, but at least it’s hanging on a wall somewhere. And if your relatives receive visitors, for sure they will say with proud who made this fabulous fine art picture. A canvas is indeed not cheap, but think forward: if you order for example 3 or 4 pieces, many companies give already a reduction 25%. I participated in a annual art project one month ago, and it was not cheap … got reduction 700 euro to 525 euro for 13 pictures, sold 4… and it’s still hanging on the location (my uncles pottery atelier, and he have many visitors). I’ve learned that photography is also about get some guts, and invest. It’s a very slowly process.

  2. It’s an interesting concept to actually see fine art huge on a wall via the magic of photoshop, as a tool to visualise the end product. I have been trying to prepare for an exhibition, which has required me to gather up different frames and print photos out. It is a challenge to fit right photo to frame, and an expense I can’t afford, to do this. I agree with both above comments. Your work looks great, and to have it on canvas hanging on a wall would be awesome, but it is a case of investing.

  3. I have one large canvas hanging on a wall in my house of an abandoned lighthouse near me. Got one of those promotional deals that they offer sometimes and besides I had a big blank wall that needed filling.

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